Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday: The Perfect Contractor Body!

The Contractor Body is such a useful tool for a wide variety of contractors, and this particular unit is the mainstream of Contractor Bodies. It is also very affordable and has more than enough capacity for most applications. This is all true for these reasons: This unit is the 3500 HD dual rear wheel chassis with the gas motor. It has a whopping 14,000 lb. GVWR. The service parts such as tires, brakes, and more a so much less than if a heavier duty chassis were chosen. This makes it not only affordable to buy but affordable to maintain. It is lower to the ground than the larger chassis as well so it makes it easier to work from, get in and out of, and much more.

On this great choice of chassis, this Royal 12' Contractor Body is mounted. It includes 8' upper body toolboxes with fold-down doors and long access for longer tools with a flip-top lid with space for long tools there as well or uses the plastic removable containers for small parts and things you can take to the job site and back. Behind the upper toolboxes is a load divider so you can separate things when needed such as building materials and tools. Then it has short fold-down contractor gates around the back of the body. It has a tapered headboard that protects the back window and yet you can see through it. To this is mounted a heavy-duty forklift-loadable material rack. Below is a large toolbox on both sides, and last is a trailer hitch receiver and wiring plug. It is a grand package of useful features in one package called the Contractor Body.

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