Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday: Massive Welder Body On Silverado 5500

Wow! Here's a unique service body from Harbor Truck Bodies that is commonly known as a Welder Body, but it can be a great body for a wide variety of contractors other than welders. It is essentially a Service Body with Raised Front Compartments and a Rear Work Platform. The Raised From Compartments add a good deal of storage and also accommodate drawers as this unit has and the curbside might be used for welder bottles or simply have moveable shelves. The 18" Rear Work Platform makes work in the field easier and also has added storage within. This platform is available on most Harbor Service Bodies as well. This body is 14' long so it can carry as much as you need to stay out in the field all day if needed. Any other accessories desired can be added.

This great body is mounted on the Silverado Medium Duty 5500 chassis with 19,500 lb. GVWR capacity and the famous Duramax diesel powerplant and Allison HD automatic and also includes creature comforts galore to make traveling to and from jobs a joy.

See more about this unique rig here.

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