Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Safe Load BW Insert Gooseneck Ball - A Lifestyle

A gooseneck hitch is very similar to a 5th wheel hitch in that it mounts in the bed of the truck directly above or slightly in front of the rear axles. This type of hitch is typically used for towing livestock, car haulers, large flatbeds, or other commercial/industrial trailers. With the gooseneck hitch, you have the ability to make much tighter turns than a typical bumper tow hitch and trailer. There are two different types of gooseneck hitches: above-bed and under-bed.

The Safe Load BW Insert Gooseneck Ball is an under-bed gooseneck hitch, which is probably the most popular style of a gooseneck hitch. It is custom fit to your specific truck and has rails that attach beneath the bed of the truck.  The two most common types of under-bed gooseneck hitches are the OEM gooseneck hitch and the B&W gooseneck hitch. This BW Insert Gooseneck Ball works specifically with the B&W Turnover Hitch.

This gooseneck ball has a 2-5/16” tow ball made of high-strength stainless steel with a single gauge that is compatible with the B&W Turnover Gooseneck Hitch.

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