Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday Says: Let Us Insulate The World!


Happy Wednesday to all you hard-working people out there! Here's a truck you don't see every day. It can carry a lot of things but insulation is a perfect product to carry in this beauty. Yet, this is only part of the appeal of this truck. The 14' Martin Flatbed body is mounted on the Chevrolet LCF 3500 which has a wheelbase of 132.5" which is about the same as a pickup with an 8' body, and it has a turning radius that beats the pickup all day long. Then, you're up and over traffic with outstanding visibility. It is comfortable to drive, easy to park, has great amenities, and more. It's a winning combination of style, substance, and usefulness!

Get it while it lasts. See more here.

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