Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Work Truck Wednesday Features Straight-Side Plumber Body with Rack


For today's Work Truck Wednesday, we feature a Harbor WorkMaster plumber-style body with a height where you can stand straight up inside, making it much more useful as a daily work truck. In addition, this body has straight sides, which take up almost no space beyond the width of the cab. It also features a heavy-duty rooftop rack with a built-in ladder. There are two large swing-out doors and one small door to access the inside shelf, which is perfect for pipe and being able to access the pipe without opening the large doors. This unit also features a backup camera system for safety. The inside features two shelves on both sides and LED lighting. Of course, all the locking compartments are on the outside for tools, parts, and more.

All this is mounted on the Chevrolet Express 3500 cutaway single-rear-wheel chassis with a 6.6 gas V8, automatic transmission, AC, and much more. We think this excellent combination is perfect for getting work done efficiently and effectively.

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