Friday, August 26, 2022

Fleet Truck Friday: Managing Hidden Risks with “Safe” Fleet Drivers

This episode of Fleet Momentum is sponsored by and created in partnership with CEI 🤝 ➡ Do your drivers think they’re safer than they really are? The answer is most likely yes. And those drivers often present more challenges to manage than those drivers identified as “more risky.” Join this conversation with Brian Kinniry and Mark Iorillo of CEI to better address these hidden risks to foster a safer fleet. ⏱ Topics & Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:58 What CEI does for fleets 1:56 Do most fleet drivers have a realistic view of their driver performance? What factors skew their perception? 4:45 The keys to positively altering drivers’ mindset to foster safer driving 7:25 How focusing on high-risk drivers leaves fleet managers exposed 10:44 How fleets can uncover and address hidden risks in low-risk drivers 13:46 How CEI’s Drivercare CoPilot can address these issues

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