Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday! It's Landscaping Season. Here's A Great Truck For That...

Yes, it is landscaping season! Of course, in the Southland, it is a year-round season! This is why we carry a number of Landscape Dump trucks ready to go to work today.

Now here is a well-designed Landscape Dump and it is a bargain as well. Let's look at the huge benefits of this particular truck example:

  • This unit has a 12' dump bed with swing-away rear gates.
  • The overall length of this truck is about the same as a regular pickup with an 8' bed.
  • This truck has a wheelbase similar to a Corvette and has the shortest turning radius you will find in a landscaping truck--even considerably shorter than the pickup with the 8' bed.
  • This unit has a gas V-8 engine.
  • This unit has such heavy-duty components including frame, axles, and wheels that it is designed to be able to operate at maximum GVWR all the time.
  • This truck is actually fun to drive!
  • Strangely enough parallel parking is a snap with this truck.
  • There is comfortable seating for 3.
  • The cab easily tilts for major engine access.
  • Much greater visibility in this truck than in other trucks.
That is just some of the highlights of the attributes of this truck. Give us a call at 951-252-2980 and let us help you find the perfect landscaping rig for your needs.

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