Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Weigh Safe's True Tow Weight Distribution

The Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch is the first-ever weight distribution hitch that can truly distribute your load with ease. This hitch features a built-in scale that measures both tongue weight and distributed tongue weight, a live adjustment system that makes readjusting quicker and easier, and one-inch hole increments on the draw bar that provide more accurate height adjustments. True Tow has an extended sleek design, anti-sway friction areas, and offers a DTW tool application for smartphones so that you can accurately set up your hitch. The True Tow Weight Distribution draw bar is also compatible with our steel Weigh Safe Drop Hitch slider, so you can quickly change between weight distribution and standard towing with ease. Instead of one hitch for one trailer, it’s now one hitch for all tow vehicles and trailers. True Tow has everything you need to achieve a towing peace of mind on the road. Why be kind of safe when you can be weigh safe?

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