Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday? It's Work Truck Every Day!

Thank goodness for work trucks. Can you imagine going back to the work truck shown here? Hook up the horses or mules and get along little doggie. We would have to state that work trucks have come a long way. Heck, this backboard was the pickup of yesteryear and may have had one horsepower or two, or could even possibly had four, and now we laugh at such low power.

Just think about the comfort of today's work trucks and the amenities that are standard. Heck, there is no comparison except that they all have wheels.

How about this work truck?

See more about this truck here.

Or, maybe this work truck more suits your work:

See more about this great work truck here.

We have hundreds of work trucks in stock ready to go to work right now. Whether you need a pickup, cargo van, plumber body, service body, landscape dump, flatbed or stakebed, or any other work truck, we are at your service. See all our current work truck inventory at

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