Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday Is Not An April Fool. It Is A Work Horse!

The Plumber-Style Truck Body has become very popular. It is essentially a service or utility body with a roof and many are high enough to stand up in. They are popular because outside there are the typical service body lockable compartments, but the inside is where this body shines. The inside has plenty of space for water heaters, HVAC equipment, pipe lengths, and all manner of out of the weather storage (and generally out of sight as well). Big doors in the back allow plenty of access along with small doors to access pipe without opening the larger doors. Interior LED lights help make things clear even at night.

These come in a wide variety of lengths and heights and this one is for those who really carry the weight and like to stand up straight. The chassis this 11' Knapheide KUV/CC is on is the new medium-duty Chevrolet 5500 with 19,500 lbs. of total truck capacity. You can load this truck with the tools and materials you need and it will handle the load with ease.

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