Tuesday, July 12, 2016

AUV Offers Unique Benefits For Contractors and Artisans!


AUV - Access Utility Vehicle by Monroe offers loads of benefits for contractors and other artisans! This body is a good choice for doing work on site. Whether you're a farrier tending to horses on the ranch, or a locksmith working on location, or any number of specialized contractors and jobbers who need tools, machines, and skills on site, on location, this unique design of truck body may do the trick.

Features and Benefits:

High Grade Aluminum Construction, aluminum is corrosion resistant, saves weight of the body and saves fuel.

Fully opening sides, tools and parts are easily accessible, and saves climbing in and out of the rear of the body

Overhead door design allows for increased length of reach into the storage area and shelters technicians from rain.

Waist High work surface.

Shelves are fully adjustable and bins can be added to suit the storage requirements.
Large, clear side areas available for signage and logos.

Various vocational packages available with many customizable options.

Download a pdf brochure here.

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