Friday, July 8, 2016

Harbor Combo Body Is A Service Body With A Work Platform

This great truck is the perfect solution for many contractors. It is a 12' Harbor Combo Body mounted on a 3500HD Regular Cab Chassis with the DuraMax diesel.

The Combo Body as it is commonly called today, is essentially a Service Body where the rear compartment has been removed and a 36" floor level work platform that extends to the outside edge of the body is installed. Then, short contractor style fold-down gates are added, and these typically are seen with material racks as well.

The work platform is at a perfect height for a lot of on the job work projects, and the area is large enough to handle bulky items like a sheet of drywall or plywood. Any contractor who often does work in the field at the job site and needs plenty of space for tools and equipment will find the Combo Body to be a great solution.

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