Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Work Truck Wednesday. A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place!


This big van has a small footprint, so much room, and excellent interior management of tools, parts, and more. There is still plenty of room for larger items. Just imagine all the different contractors who could use such a rig: electricians, plumbers, remodelers, mobile repair services, and many more. 

The turning radius is very tight with this Chevrolet Express Cutaway 3500 chassis. It is powered by a 6.6 V8, automatic transmission, and creature comforts to make for pleasant driving. The body is a 12' Supreme Spartan Cargo Straight Van with FRP sidewalls, a roll-up rear door for full access to the rear, and an air deflector built on the front roof section for less drag. 

But the best is the van's interior features, which help keep your stuff organized and ready to access. In addition, consider the billboards on both sides and the rear door to advertise your business wherever you drive!

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