Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Work Truck Wednesday: When You Need A Bit More Room!


Cargo van versus a box van? When you need a bit more room, the box van will do the trick. And, because this is a cutaway van, it is exactly like a cargo van in the front with a frame on the rear designed to accommodate a box van body, allowing more space in width and height for carrying larger loads. Because it is a cutaway van, it sits lower to the ground, making it easier to load and unload, giving it a lower center of gravity for more stability, and making it easier to get in and out of the cab as well.

This unit has a 6.6 gas V8, automatic, AC, and more creature comforts. It has good visibility and is easy to drive and especially easy to maneuver in the city. The Supreme van body is made of FRP for maximum durability and longevity, with two E-track retaining systems to manage loads.

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