Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Ramping Up Your Cargo Movement For Work Truck Wednesday


There's nothing quite like a cargo ramp to save the backs of your crew. This cargo delivery van carries a built-in fold-up wide ramp that is easy to use and helps keep your delivery crew healthy by making it so much easier to get the cargo in and out of the van. Many cargo ramps are very narrow, but this one is so wide and much more helpful for all kinds of cargo. Once loaded, stow the ramp, and it folds up efficiently. This Supreme Spartan van body with its gelcoat exterior is excellent for your signage, too!

The chassis is the Chevrolet Express cutaway chassis with the HD V6, automatic, AC, and rearview mirror backup camera that is comfortable to drive and seats two. It is also quite maneuverable with its short turning radius. 

Fuel-efficient, comfortable, maneuverable for tight city deliveries, wide fold-up cargo ramp built-in, backup camera, easy entry and exit, great visibility. What a great list of features!

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