Friday, December 2, 2022

Fleet Truck Friday - Understanding the Transition from Aftermarket to Factory-Installed Modems

Fleets have been deriving value and improving efficiencies with telematics systems for years. Traditionally, this involved installing a modem in each fleet vehicle. Today, most modems are available directly from the factory. In this Fleet Momentum video series, Jason Hammond, director of mobile field solutions at AT&T, discusses the transition to OEM-sourced modems, the benefits they provide, and what fleets need to be thinking about when managing them and the data they provide. ⏱ Topics & Timestamps 0:00 Intro 1:15 The cost and efficiency benefits for light-duty vehicles to come with automakers’ modems direct from the factory 4:15 What fleets should know in a mixed environment with both legacy aftermarket modems mixed with factory-sourced modems 6:45 How to handle the difference in modems since not all are standardized across OEMs 8:30 How this trend factors into fleeting EVs and what data to gather and analyze 10:55 How to manage multiple systems and multiple dashboards, especially with EVs

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