Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Work Truck Wednesday Sports A Unique Flatbed That Turns On A Dime


Today's Work Truck Wednesday shows off a unique flatbed that is probably most often used to carry rolls of insulation from the warehouse to the job site; however, this great truck can be used for a long list of cargo items. It begins life as a 12' flatbed and then to this the metal framework that is designed to keep the cargo inside the bed area is added. Consider all the tie-down possibilities and all that can be carried in this unit.

Perhaps the best thing about this truck is the chassis the bed sits on. This Low Cab Forward (LCF) 4500 has a 14,500 lb. GVWR so it will carry the weight, has grand visibility, and is a joy to drive. This unit has a diesel engine that is legendary in its longevity with automatic transmission, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, and much more. But, that isn't the best part. The best part is the maneuverability! With only a 109" wheelbase, this truck will turn a 360 in the average city street! That's a very tight turning radius!

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