Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Work Truck Wednesday Is Landscaping Wednesday!

Landscaping never has an off-season in Southern California. Rain or shine, it is all the time. Having the right rig for hauling away debris, bringing in materials, getting in and out of tight spots is necessary to have the best results and efficiency. Here is the perfect Landscape Dump to consider. This is an LCF 4500 gas unit with a 6.6 GM gas V8, automatic, AC, power windows, and much more. The body is a 12' Martin Landscape Dump. Why is this the best rig? Here are just a few positive characteristics:

  • 109" wheelbase and solid front axle mean this will do a 360 in the average city street.
  • The cab-over design means that this rig has a footprint almost identical to an 8' regular cab pickup truck and turns a circle within the circle of the pickup. That's amazing!
  • Superior visibility.
  • Very comfortable to drive.
  • Amazingly easy to parallel park!
  • Very heavy-duty wheels, lugs, frame. This is a truck that is designed for work.
  • Even though it has a short overall footprint, this truck has a 12' x 8' truck bed.
  • Side access allows the removal of portions of the sideboards.
  • 14,500 lb. GVWR. It carries the weight!
  • Cab tilts to access the engine when needed.
  • Fluids can be checked without tilting the cab.
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