Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday: This Truck Will Carry The Weight A LONG Time!

Contractors who own service bodies carry all manner of things, parts, tools, and more to be prepared to do what is needed in the field, hopefully in one trip. Some carry a lot of plastic things such as a landscaping contractor might carry for sprinklers and more. Other contractors carry some tools and carry things in the bed area that may be installed at various locations.

Then there are those contractors who seem to carry iron or lead as in how heavy their tools and machines and metal parts are. They easily wear out lighter duty trucks fast because of the weight they tend to haul around all day long.

This truck is a workhorse that is designed to carry the weight and carry it with grace and stability. This is the new Medium-Duty Silverado 4500 with the HD Duramax diesel, Allison HD automatic, and all the features you are used to in lighter duty trucks. The service body on this rig is a Harbor 11' Trademaster service body with stainless steel open top lids, master lock system, and has 22" deep compartments so you can fit more stuff. This rig will get the job done!

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