Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday: Heavy Deliveries Handled With Ease!

Whether it is large packages like refrigerators, washing machines, and other dry goods, or palleted cargo, there is nothing so easy to get these heavy objects from point A to point B than a stakebed with an HD liftgate. Up onto the bed and back down on the ground, this 1,600 lb. liftgate gets it there safely and with very little effort. 

Not only that, this 12' stakebed is mounted on an LCF cab chassis which makes maneuvering in the city a breeze. With only a 109" wheelbase (only 2" more than a Corvette!), this chassis handles a 12' truck bed and a liftgate like a pro. This unit also has a GM gas V8 engine for easy fuel sourcing and great acceleration too. In fact, the turning radius of this truck with a 12' bed will turn a circle inside the turning circle of the average pickup truck with an 8' bed.

What's more? This particular truck is a silly bargain! Get it while it lasts and save a bunch of money in the process!

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