Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Work Truck Wednesday: The Mechanic's Dream Truck

You've got heavy tools, power equipment along with plenty of needed items to get the job done effectively and efficiently. You rely on your truck to get you there safely and with some comfort as well. You need the space and you need the weigh-carrying capacity but you don't want too big a truck that requires a commercial driver's license. Here is a perfect choice. Need a crane too? We can add a compact articulating crane to take care of that and save your back. 

Here is the new Chevrolet Silverado Medium-Duty 5500 chassis with 19,500 lbs GVWR of capacity driven by the proven Duramax Diesel and Allison Automatic transmission, This truck is still as low to the ground as can be and carry the load with the 19.5-inch Aluminum wheels and low-profile HD tires. The Harbor ComboMaster truck body has tall 56" compartments to allow for maximum storage, and the best feature of the ComboMaster is the 36" work platform on the rear with fold-down short gates which will get out of the way and an HD forklift-loadable material rack that doesn't have posts on the rear that get in the way of getting work done on the platform. All of this with the comfort of the Silverado cab will make your trips far more enjoyable.

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