Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Work Truck Wednesday, 3-27-19: The You-Name-It Body Is Right For Most Businesses!

For this Work Truck Wednesday, we are showing off a great work truck which is also a great selling truck. This type of truck and body combination is often called a Plumber Body, but it could just as well be an Electrician Body, a Handyman Body, a Remodeler Body, an HVAC Body, or a You-Name-It Body because it is so flexible and useful in this configuration.

Why? It has a short 139" wheelbase which is about the same as an 8' pickup truck and yet this has a 10 3/4' body. It is an enclosed service body in that it has a roof and fully lockable and huge storage area. This great body by Knapheide is mounted on a cutaway van chassis and because of this design has a much shorter turning radius than a typical pickup. Carry things inside out of sight, along with tools and parts in the outside lockable compartments too. Just imagine all you can put in this great work truck.

This is our stock number M19286 and is ready to go to work today. See more about this great truck here.

Better yet, give us a call at 951-252-2980 and let us help you find the perfect rig for your business!

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