Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Work Truck Wednesday 10-17-18 - Secret Hidden Storage Haven!

This secret hidden storage haven is called a transverse compartment and is available on any utility or service body from the 2500HD 8' single rear wheel to the 11' or longer body on the dual rear wheel models, including the upcoming 2019 4500-6500HD medium-duty models as well as the current Low Cab Forward tilt-cab chassis.

This option can be configured in numerous ways, and what is shown here is a 3-drawer setup which would be ideal for contractors who use a lot of small fittings and such in their business. Just imagine the number of small parts that can be carried in these long drawers! Yet nobody knows they are there until you pull the drawers all the way out as in the top photo.

With the transverse compartment, you do lose a little bit of storage space in the bed area but it is up against the cab. But, now you can reach anything in the bed without climbing up in the bed area. Also, the compartment typically only goes through the bed area to the backside of the opposite side compartment like the one shown, but it can be set up to go all the way through the body too.

The truck shown is a Knapheide service body and is shown in a 9' dual rear wheel body on a 60" cab-to-axle 3500HD. This is a great unit which will carry a lot of weight and still has the turning radius almost the same as a standard pickup truck.

There are so many solutions that you may not be aware that we can customize just for your business.

If this option is something that would benefit your business, give us a call at 951-252-2980 and we will be happy to get the perfect configuration for you.

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