Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Demo from our new UpFit Partners Switch-N-Go on their Hoist Systems & Interchangeable Bodies!

Check out this Demo from one of our new UpFit Partners @switchngo02 on their Hoist Systems and interchangeable Bodies!  Do more with less!

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Truck Season: Move Mountains | Chevrolet

It’s Chevy Truck Season. And with a Chevy Silverado, there’s no such thing as an uphill battle. You can take on the mountains, or you can move them. Whatever your mountain may be, you’ll find a Chevy Silverado with the capability, style, and performance you need.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Fleet Truck Friday: Delivery Vans Back In Stock!


Paradise Fleet has quite a selection of delivery vans back in stock and ready to go to work. Some are on Cutaway single rear and dual rear wheel chassis. Others on the popular LCF tilt-cab platform. All are very maneuverable in city streets.

See the selection of delivery van trucks here.

See all of our ready to go to work right now truck inventory at ParadiseFleet.com

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Work Truck Wednesday Is Crew Cab Pickup Wednesday

Paradise Fleet has a large selection of pickups as usual, but even better, we have a large selection of crew cab 4-door pickups!

See our current selection of crew cab pickups here.

See all of our ready to go to work right now truck inventory at ParadiseFleet.com


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

CHEVY RESPONDED - Silverado HD ZR2 BISON & Colorado Vs Johnson Valley

The ALL NEW Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 "BISON" & 2024 Colorado ZR2 BISON take on Johnson Valley in the hands of an idiot (me). 

Chevrolet invited us out to try, firsthand, the all-new ZR2 BISON edition trucks on some of the craziest trails in the US. I would have never expected the Colorado to do what it did...

The fact that these trucks are factory-built off-roaders that come with a warranty is CRAZY... now, just need the LT4 in that Colorado, and I can die happy. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Chevrolet Protection - Tire & Wheel Protection

"If you hit a covered road hazard, Chevrolet Tire & Wheel Protection provides coverage for the repair or replacement of damaged tires and wheels, with no deductible*.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Fleet Safety: Breaking 7 Commonly Held Concepts

The State of the Fleet Industry video series, produced by Automotive Fleet, offers insights into the state of the fleet market. 

In Episode 142, Associate Publisher Chris Brown interviews Brian Fielkow, an executive leader, author, and speaker who has spent three decades in fleet and transportation with a direct focus on safety. Fielkow breaks down preconceived notions on fleet safety and offers a new framework on how to manage it in your organization. 

He is delivering the opening keynote at the 2023 Fleet Safety Conference, convening November 8-10 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Today's topics include:

- Safety is not a priority.  
- It's not an accident and it’s not minor. 
- Move from a blame culture to a just culture. 
- We don’t necessarily need more processes. 
-  Safety is not a department. 
- We’re drowning in data.  
- Just because you are compliant does not mean you are safe.