Friday, October 8, 2021

Fleet Truck Friday: Digging into Truck Accident Management by Lauren Fletcher

Remember, every time a driver gets behind the wheel,
your organization is vulnerable to repercussions
that go far beyond just repairing a vehicle
if you’re not addressing safety and driver behavior. 

“Accidents happen” should not be a common adage within any company. While today’s trucks are inherently safer than a decade before, accidents are still occurring and with fatal consequences. 

Work Truck dug into current accident management statistics within vocational work truck fleets and checked in with a few experts in the field. A bigger picture is starting to form, and fleets must keep identifying ways to decrease incidents and enhance safety.

“Companies need to find the right balance between achieving business growth and applying safety standards to reduce accident claims,” said Connie Brinkmann, vice president of Risk Management for Enterprise Fleet Management. As claims happen and liability verdicts rise, commercial trucking employers must also put a greater focus on their hiring, supervision, and training procedures. If negligent hiring, supervision, or training procedures are found to be a contributor to the accident, the auto liability policy could be on the hook having a downward impact on insurability, premium increases, and attaching points of excess insurance layers.” 

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