Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Work Truck Wednesday: The Off-Road Get Er Done Workhorse. 4x4 Crew Cab Service Body!

Not everybody lives in the city with nice city streets and easy maneuverability. No. Many of your customers may live in rural areas without great roads and yet you need to get there and fix what needs fixing, build what needs building, and make life for them more liveable. This rig will get that job done. It is a dual rear wheel 4x4 diesel 3500HD cab chassis in the crew cab version so you can take other workers with you along with all the tools, equipment, parts, and other things needed to get the job done right. This chassis is equipped with a Harbor 9' service body with 22" deep compartments on the sides, flat load floor, stainless steel open top lids that will look as great five years from now as when it is new.

What a great combination for those off the grid customers that need your services and will pay you well to get there and help them enjoy their lives more.

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