Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Work Truck Wednesday, Feb 20 2019: Sometimes Nothing But A Box On Wheels Is The Right Truck For The Job

Getting products, cargo, pallets, equipment, and any other dry goods from one place to another is more often than not done in a van body, sometimes called a dry van, or hi-cube van. And, this is a very popular size and is also heavy duty enough to carry the weight of a full load. This is a Supreme 14' Aluminum van body with a tuckaway liftgate to get those heavy loads up inside the bed and back out with ease. The body also is equipped with two rows of E-Track to help keep short loads in place while you negotiate traffic and ensure that the load arrives safely and without damage. It has a roll-up rear door and also has wood slates to help protect the aluminum sheeting and is easy to use to tie loads against the wall as well.

This great size body is mounted on our Chevrolet 4500 heavy duty cutaway cab chassis which offers a tight turning radius and a comfortable ride and easy maneuvering all around the city. This chassis has a powerful 6.0 gas V8 and 6-sp automatic transmission with AC and other great features. It is our stock number M18547 and you can see more about this unit here.

We carry such a wide range of trucks that are ready to go to work today including other size van bodies on Chevrolet cutaway, or the Low Cab Forward, or conventional cab chassis models. We also have a huge selection of service bodies, flatbeds, stakebeds, landscape dumps, and much more.

Call us today at 951-252-2980 and let us help you find the perfect truck for your business.

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