Friday, November 30, 2018

Standard Material Rack vs Forklift Loadable Rack

Here's a quick video of the difference between a standard ladder or material rack, or it could be called a non-forklift loadable rack, versus the forklift loadable version. The easy way to tell in a hurry is that there are typically two sidebars that run the length of the rack that are a few inches apart. This allows one to put a load up against the sidebars and to help keep the load on the rack and also make it easy to tie the load down. The forklift loadable rack doesn't have that top full-length bar. Instead, it has what many call goal posts, which also allow you to put a load next to them to help keep it on the rack, and then that load can also be tied down. The big difference is the height of the load bars or crossbars. On the forklift loadable rack, the crossbars are higher than the full-length sidebar, which allows the load to be put onto the bars and then there is sufficient room for the forklift forks to be removed. On the standard rack, the load bars and the lower sidebars are the same height. If you have any other questions on this subject, or any others related to work trucks, contact the Paradise Fleet team at 951-252-2980, and visit our Fleet website at

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