Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Work Truck Wednesday: Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Service or Utility Bodies can carry a lot of expensive tools, parts, and other items that are better off out of sight and out of mind. This truck takes care of that.

This is a Royal 8' standard height Service Body with lockable compartments on the side, plus the master locking system to double lock the compartments. That feature is better known to allow convenience as you work during the day by being able to keep the side doors unlocked and only locking and unlocking the master lock on each side as needed and saving a lot of locking and unlocking doors all day long. With the master lock engaged, the doors cannot open. At night, lock all the doors and everything is double locked.

In addition, though most service/utility bodies have an open area in the bed area, this unit has the 3-piece sliding cargo bed locking enclosure keeping things out of sight and secure under the steel enclosure. As it is rolled back, it can open up approximately two-thirds of the bed area allowing the carrying of taller items from time to time.

Also included with the Royal service body is the removable plastic trays in the open top lid section to keep things in order and to allow movement of selected items to the job site. The dividers can be configured as desired for smaller parts or larger items.

All this is mounted securely on the Chevrolet 2500HD chassis with the 6.0 gas V-8, 6-speed automatic, AC, and a load of other great features. Our stock number is M171393.

This may be the perfect rig for your needs. Call us today at 951-252-2980 and find more information on this truck here.

Subject to prior sale.

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